Showcase gallery of my sketches and drawings

Session at the rijksmuseum from last year

Study of a portrait by rembrandt at the rijksmuseum , sanguine, charcoal and pastel on toned strathmore

Carbon and white pastel sketch, at rijksmuseum

Stabilo fineliners ,crosshatch sketch on bluepad

Cast drawing ,2 hour sketch, graphite

Study of a Jan Veth painting at the rijksmuseum, sanguine,charcoal, white pastel on strathmore

A muse, carbon and white pastel on strathmore

Study at the van gogh museum, leon-augustine painting, sanguine and white pastel on strathmore

Quick 20 mins live portrait, nero and white pastel on strathmore

Nicolaes Maes study in pastels at the rijksmuseum

Pin-up tryout in pastels

Sketch of a Smallville still, graphite ,A4

Study after Liberace, A3, sanguine dry, red pencils

White Hair,sketch .................

Arab sketch in HB2 ,stabilo blue for atmosphere...

Sketch oil-based sanguine stick, mastercopy sketch

sketch in portugal, lissabon..... 45 mins

Studie van portret, wordt voor een schilderij, A3, graphite, colorpencils

Live portret in Atelier de Stoker, deze keer een manlijk persoon. Op A3, toned paper, Koh-i-noor, bic tech, kleur accenten bruynzeel blauw en rood, april 2014

Leeuw portret, A4, rode potloden ,daler rowney

live model.
caran-dache pastel potloden, van eyck pastel krijtjes, 160 grms papier A3

Quick sketches from life

Some french girl sketch

Gungirl.... gesture sketch

Dots and Whiskers..........  conte grafiet 2mm, 2 hours

Panter.............. , A4 , conte pencils H, 2B, 5B


Sketch on A4, stabilo color pencil

Torso sketch, A3 ,colorpencils derwent, 2 hours

Babydoll sketch in colorpencil

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